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Barista Girl Coffee at the Workplace!

You can have Barista Girl Coffee every day at your place of business.  Our super-automatic espresso based Saeco coffee machine provides a self-contained, clean, tamper proof Office Coffee Service option for any workplace.  This whole bean coffee machine, featuring our locally roasted Barista Girl Original Blend coffee, provides your customers and employees with a fresh, ground to order, cup of coffee usually found only in your favorite coffee shop!
In addition to our Saeco coffee machines, we can also deliver fresh, locally roasted whole bean or ground coffee for use in your other brewers. With this option, you get to choose your coffee from our coffee menu and change it at anytime!  You'll receive your weekly coffee right out of the roaster so every cup will be amazing.
Please call us at (847) 680-9800 to learn more about our fresh, locally roasted coffee options for the workplace.  If you want to go green without compromising quality or taste, Barista Girl Coffee is the answer!

Visit us at: MyBaristaCoffee.com.

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The goal of our website is to provide interesting facts about coffee and how it affects us on a daily basis.  We have begun this journey without knowing exactly how it will end. But we have a passion for learning and exploring how to make coffee an even better part of our lives.  Coffee seems to have endless paths you can take and we welcome your contributions for sharing some of these coffee related experiences on our blog.  We will post some of our experiences in the blog and hope that some of them will inspire you in a positive way.  Thank you for visiting our site and please join us on this journey.

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  • How I Got "Short Changed" by a Coffee Maker I love a great cup of coffee in the morning!  Given all of the wonderful ways to brew that first cup of coffee, I have recently focused my attention on perfecting my pour-over brewing technique.  That’s why, while recently packing for an annual trip to my time-share in Florida, I pulled out all of my coffee gear to ensure that my vacation would include everything I needed to continue my morning tradition.  However, because my wife and I had booked the lowest air fare, which means extra baggage would be costly with today’s baggage fees, I knew I would have to carefully choose what I could bring.  Because our timeshare has a fully equipped kitchen including ...
    Posted Feb 12, 2013, 8:14 PM by Gregory Mayworm
  • Health Benefits of Coffee Coffee is a beverage unlike any other. For many, it is both a morning ritual and a social exercise, encouraging the sharing of thoughts and ideas over an aromatic cup of steaming coffee. It has been known to cause obsession among its many fans, with hundreds of web sites debating the merits of various blends and beans. But what effect, if any, does coffee have on your health? There is good news these days for coffee lovers. Many recent studies have shown that there are indeed health benefits related to the consumption of coffee. Although there have been various concerns raised in the past, for instance, unfiltered coffee consumption and increased cholesterol levels, many respected medical sources, such as the ...
    Posted Nov 16, 2011, 11:48 AM by Suzan Mayworm
  • Barista Girl Logo Explained We hope our logo provides a comforting image for what we believe is the best way to start the day. To us, nothing comes close to the incredible aromatic sensation we experience when we grind our freshly roasted coffee beans immediately before we brew that first, amazing, cup of coffee. Our Barista Girl Coffee image portrays how a fresh cup of coffee complements the morning sunrise which makes for a great beginning to the day. When the sun isn't shining, take a look at the Barista Girl Coffee logo and let it transport you to that special place in your heart, so that when you enjoy your next cup of Barista Girl Coffee, you'll experience your own "Island ...
    Posted Jul 13, 2012, 12:21 PM by Suzan Mayworm
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